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Teman Will Be There For Your Loved Ones


We provides care companionship services to improve your loved ones quality of life and to provide assistance for them. 

Teman Malaysia offers a safe experience by providing updates to their guardians whereabouts and activities they are engaged in.

Customer will be matched with our Temanions to perform varied activities such as daily chores, attend appointments or to simply enjoy their free time through a library of curated activities.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing the best care possible for your loved ones.

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We can’t be there for our loved ones all the time. If we are traveling, working late hours, or frequently unavailable due to other obligations; it might not always be possible to provide care and attention they need.

It’s important that their needs are met as well, even if this means finding trusted companion or caregivers who can fill in when needed. 

Teman Malaysia strives to provide the best service for customers by providing companionship and caregiving services for elderly, pregnant women, mothers with small child and differently-abled people

All of our Temanions or caregivers are carefully selected during their interview; we take all consideration with great care before offering employment to anyone.

We want you to have peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be in good hands.


Our Services


TEMAN to Vaccine Appointments

Accompany the customer to COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment:

  • Get ready from home.
  • Accompany during line-up.
  • Assist the customer to fil up the form.
  • Bring back to home safely.

TEMAN to Health Appointments

Accompany the customer for health check-ups and visit their doctors:

  • Medial appointments.
  • Go to Pharmacy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • any others related activities.

TEMAN to Dialysis Treatments

Accompany the customer to dialysis center to get treatments:

  • Pick-up from home.
  • drop-off and assist to dialysis center.
  • Bring back to home after treatment complete.
  • Temanion waiting upon request.

Ziarah Your Loved Ones

Accompany your loved ones for awhile and check-up on their well-being and needs:

  • Are they healthy?
  • Is their home in order?
  • Is there stock in the fridge?
  • Do they want a weekly ‘Teman’ for a chat?

Curated Customized Activities

Accompany the customers to go anywhere, or to do anything:

  • Accompanying run errands.
  • Mind wellness.
  • Recreational and hobbies.
  • Long or short travel, etc.

Competent Friendly Companion

Need trustable & reliable companions for your loved ones? Worry not, we are here. Teman Malaysia! Contact us now to get FREE consultation.


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