Teman App: How to Book a Service

We get to do everything easily from the palm of our hands or via our smartphones these days – what a time to be alive! Now, looking for companionship services no longer requires extra effort to call around and enquire by yourself.

With an application like Teman App, you can now start spending more time on things that matter while also having the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are being taken care of by our passionate, caring, and responsible Temanion.

It could be having a Temanion to accompany your family to their health appointments, assisting them with activities of daily living (ADLs), or simply helping them out with grocery shopping, we got you covered!

But you might be wondering – Teman App is perfect for my needs but how do I use it?

To make sure you are fully utilizing Teman App and its features, we share with you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use our application!

1. Choose a Service

Firstly, you need to choose a service you wish to book for your loved ones. There are two ways for you to choose a service, which are:

On the Home page (home icon).


On the Book page (clipboard icon).

2. Select a Recipient for the Booking

After you have chosen a service, you will need to select a recipient for the booking. If you have not registered a recipient, you can simply add through the Recipient section OR go to Profile>Recipient Book.

3. Setting Up Your Booking

Next, you will need to set up your booking by choosing the duration of the service required, the timing, and the locations.

In the Services section, you can choose how many hours of service are required for your loved ones below. The minimum hour you can opt for is 2 hours.

You can also opt for the available Packages down below for the chosen service (packages vary depending on the types of service).

Then, you’ll be redirected to the Timings section. Here, you will need to choose the date and time of the service you are booking. 

Please note that you can ONLY book a service 2 days prior to the date you want to choose.

Next step, you will need to provide us with the Meet-up Location and the Service Location.

Meet-up Location is where you want the Temanion to meet up/pick up you or your loved ones while Service Location is where you need the service to be done by the Temanion. 

For example, if you opt for Teman to Health Appointment, your Meet-up Location will be your or your loved ones’ home and the Service Location is where the health appointment is set. 

After you have filled in the addresses for both locations, you will need to provide us with the details of the service such as tasks and notes. In order to do that, you need to press the + button on the right side of the Service Location’s address.

Then, to list down the details, press the Please list down the plan of activities you need our Temanion to do at this location wording and an Enter Description box will appear.

Simply press the box and list down the tasks that need to be done. 

When you are done listing down, press Next.

4. Setting Up Your Preferences

After you’re done providing the details of the service, you are required to fill us up with your preferences such as the Mode of Transportation, Temanion, and your Consent to let Temanion take pictures for managerial purposes. 

For Mode of Transportation, there are three modes for you to choose from for the service:

Provided by Teman Malaysia – You can choose this mode if you require the Temanion to use his/her own vehicle OR e-hailing service such as Grab, MyCar, inDriver, etc. 

No Transport Needed – You can choose this mode if you do NOT require any transportation for the service. This transportation mode is commonly chosen for Teman at Home and Teman at Home (Plus). 

Provided by Myself – You can choose this mode if you are providing the transportation for the service. It can be done by using your own vehicle or e-hailing service such as Grab, MyCar, inDriver, etc. 

Next, you are required to choose the Temanion’s gender and the languages he/she is speaking in the Temanion section.

If you do not have any specific preference, you can simply press Any Preferences for an open one.

On the last section of the Preferences page, we are asking for your consent to take a picture of the recipient during the service for managerial purposes. 

This will allow us to improve our service and provide better care for you and your loved ones.

To proceed, press Confirm Booking.

5. Confirming Your Booking

After pressing Confirm Booking, you will be redirected to the overview page of your booking. 

On this page, you can see the date and time of the service above the Meet-up Location and Service Location addresses, the Recipient, Mode of Transportation, Temanion preferences, and also the duration of service you have chosen earlier in the booking process.

You can also use a promo code for your booking to enjoy discounts and great deals by Teman Malaysia! Just enter a promo code in the Coupon Code box.

Don’t know where you can find our promo codes? Simply check out our Teman App’s Home page OR follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we’ll update our followers with great new deals every month!

To complete your booking, press Pay Now to proceed with the payment and you’ll be redirected to the Payment View page. Simply choose your method of payment below and press the PAY button. It will take you to the Payment Gateway for you to finalize your payment.

6. Your Booking is Complete!

After payment is made, your booking is confirmed and our team will start searching for a suitable Temanion for your booking. Once a Temanion has taken up your service, we will share with you the Temanion’s profile via Whatsapp.

You may check your booking on the Booking History page (clock icon). Simply press the booking to view the details of the service.

You can also view the Temanion’s profile through the Teman App, but ONLY if the Temanion accepted the service via their platform, which is the Temanion App. 

*This feature will be completely usable once our business operation is fully automated.

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