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How To Find The Right Care Companion For Your Loved Ones

It’s never easy to find a care companion for your loved ones, and it may be difficult to know what you should look for in the right person.

When considering hiring someone as a temporary care companion, there are many factors that need to be considered.

The most important of these factors is their personality and how well they will get along with your family member or friend.

Care companions are invaluable during this time of need!

I am a Temanion myself and have been in this line of work for the past one year. I know that finding someone willing to spend hours with an elderly person or your family members is not easy, nor should it be!

Fun fact! Temanion is a Teman Malaysia freelancer who will conduct the care companion service. It is a combination of the word ‘teman’ and ‘companion’.

Care companions are needed now more than ever before because many people lack family support or just need some extra help around the house.

With the help from this blog post, I hope you can find the right person to provide support and care for your loved one.

What is a care companion and what do they do?

Before we start, maybe some of you will be asking what is a care companion?

A care companion is a person who provides care for someone in need of assistance with everyday tasks. Care companions is usually an individual that knows the job really well and is reliable to provide necessary help when needed.

They are like personal assistants who specialize in providing care for dependent or semi-dependent people.

One of the companies that provide care companion services in Malaysia is Teman Malaysia.

Why must you choose care companion services?

You have probably heard that you should hire a care companion to help with your loved ones.

Maybe they need someone to accompany them for grocery shopping or visit their doctor’s appointments with them.

You may be thinking, “I can do that! I don’t want anyone else interfering in my family life! What will other people think of me if I hire someone to assist my loved ones?”

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with asking for an extra hand. A care companion service can be an excellent way to have somebody to look after your family members when you are not able to do so.

What if you could find someone who shares the same values and beliefs as your family? That way, they can feel like an extension of what feels like home.

It can give your family peace of mind and improve their quality of life by getting them more active in their community again. It also provides companionship to reduce loneliness or depression that may arise.

Moreover, the right care companion can make a huge difference in your loved ones’ lives and it will cost you substantially less than what they would spend on nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

It may not seem worth it to hire someone at first glance but trust me – it’s totally worth it!

Tips for choosing the best care companion for your loved ones' needs

Choosing the right care companion seems like too much work and hassle. It is not an easy task.

But, worry no more! I am here to help you:

➤ Know what your loved ones need.

Does the care recipient need a companion to provide assistance with daily activities like run errands, hospital appointments, or accompany them to do activities like gardening?

➤ Does your loved one require supervision or monitoring due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

This will require a different care companion than someone who needs assistance with daily activities. Do they need a caregiver to live in the home, or is your loved one capable of living alone?

If you’re not sure, Teman Malaysia offers free consultations for customers that will allow them to understand their choices before making any decisions.

➤ Do you have any specific requirements for the care provider such as gender, age, ethnicity, religion?

It is important to make sure that the care recipient is matched with the right care provider who will be the best fit for them.

➤ Find information about the care provider.

You can go to online platforms such as Google to search and read their review. Other than that, word of mouth from friends and family members who have used the care providers before.

➤ The last step is to ask for a free trial.

Care providers are willing to offer you one time free of charge so that they can show their quality and service.

In Teman Malaysia, all our freelancers (Temanion)
screened and underwent a thorough 3 tiers of interviews to ensure customer safety before they can officially start providing care companion services.

We also offer a no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your booking, we will pay to have it returned. This is how confident we are that you will love our services.

Our Temanion also attend a 2 Full-Days orientation course on how to effectively provide care for their clients that has been developed in collaboration with National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).

Questions you should ask potential caregivers before making an offer

This is your right to ask a question before you entrust your loved one to someone else.

When you have a list of potential care companions, it is important that you interview each and every person on the list before making an offer.

Here are some questions you should be asking during those interviews:

➤ What kind of training do they receive?

Usually, care companion providers equip themselves with knowledge and skills to provide care for others.

Some of them already have experience because they have worked in a nursing home before. Other than training, passion also plays an important role.

➤ What is the care provider’s work schedule?

Some care providers have daytime jobs that they need to take care of before coming over in the evening or on weekends.

Find out if these potential caregivers would be able to meet your loved one’s needs during their time with them.

How long will they be available each day; what hours can they work during the weekdays; how many days per week can they work?

➤ How much does it cost to hire someone as a care companion?

The normal hourly rate is RM15-RM50/hour depending on experience level and location.

Please know your budget, because sometimes you may exceed your budget limit when you are not careful. Your expected hour can be more dependent on circumstances.

➤ Do I need to pay for the care provider’s transportation?

Yes, but it is at an additional cost of RM0.50-RM1.50/KM depending on location and distance traveled. Negotiate with your candidate before they start work.

➤ What kind of tasks will they have to do for your loved ones?

Please make sure that you and the care provider have a mutual understanding. It is to avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment in the future.

The tasks may vary from person to person, but most of them are related to mobility and hygiene needs.


In this blog post, we have discussed the importance of care companions for your loved ones.

I hope that you have found it informative and useful in your decision to choose a caregiver or social worker who can provide quality-of-life improvements through various activities such as daily chores, attending appointments, and more.

If you are looking for a care companion service to help your loved ones with daily tasks, it is important that they have someone who can provide the best quality of life possible.

That’s where Teman Malaysia comes in!

Our team has already done more than 700 service hours and we want to give you a chance at our services too.

As social enterprises, we believe in providing high-quality personalized care so that your loved one will be happy and healthy again.

Don’t wait another minute – take advantage of our FREE consultation today by filling out the form on our website or giving us a call at +6011-5645 3964. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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