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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Teman Malaysia


Teman Malaysia is a social enterprise that provides quality, safe and personalized care companion services for your loved ones that aims to improve their quality of life.


There are 5 kinds of services offered for your loved ones:

  1. Teman to Health Appointments: Our Temanion will assist your loved ones to go to their monthly medical checkup and treatments.

  2. Teman to Dialysis Treatment: Our Temanion will assist your loved ones to go to their dialysis treatment.

  3. Teman Ziarah: When you cannot be there and need someone to look over your loved ones.

  4. Teman Customized Activities: Our Temanion will accompany your loved ones to anywhere they want to go, or anything they want to do.

  5. Teman to Covid-19 Vaccination: Our Temanion will assist your loved ones to go to their COVID-19 Vaccination appointment.

We operate every day, including weekends from 7 am until 9 pm.

Our charge varied depending on the type of services. A special rate could be made for a long-term arrangement in accordance with the type of activity, location and duration of the service.

No. Transportation and other additional costs will be incurred by the clients.

Currently, the Teman service is available around the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Johor Bahru and Kota Tinggi in Johor. We will expand our services to other areas and states in the future.


Temanion is our care companion who will conduct the service. It is a combination of the words ‘teman’ and ‘companion’.

Our Temanions are passionate about elderly care. They are energetic, friendly, professional and they are also well equipped with basic caregiving skills.

We recruit our Temanions carefully through several stages such as resumé screening and interview. We are working closely with the authorities to ensure our Temanions do not have criminal records nor are bankrupt among others.

All our Temanions are Malay-speaking citizens. If your loved ones prefer someone who speaks other languages such as English, Mandarin or Tamil, we will assign a suitable Temanion.

Yes. They are trained with the necessary skills to provide basic first aid and basic life support should the need arise.

We are confident our Temanion will provide a good service in accordance with the client’s best interest. Please give us after-service feedback for future improvement.


As an entity that serves the community, Teman Malaysia welcomes all interested clients. We will assign a suitable Temanion to accompany your loved ones for the occasion.

We request you to provide details in the booking form such as name, age, health condition and we will match a Temanion who is suitable to conduct the service.

In accordance with our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), our Temanions will update the status of your loved one at every checkpoint to our customer service center. Then, we will inform you from time to time.

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