Give Your Loved Ones in Penang the Quality Care You Can Trust with Teman Malaysia!

Our caring companions, known as Temanion, are trustable, reliable and are mostly trained by healthcare professionals.

They’re able to give you peace of mind by accompanying parents to medical check-ups, assist senior relatives with weekly errands, or assisting your loved ones with activities of daily living (ADLs) at your home!

We currently serve homes in George Town, Butterworth, and other nearby districts.


Off Peninsular Malaysia’s northwest coast sits the island state of Penang. It is divided into two parts: Penang Island, where George Town, the capital is situated, and the Seberang Perai peninsular strip on the mainland.

The island’s rich multicultural past, which dates back to the beginnings of British colonization in the 18th century and is full of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European influences, more than makes up for Penang’s excellent beaches. Penang is also well known as Malaysia’s “food paradise” domestically.

With a population of approximately 1.7 million people and a life expectancy of 73 for men and 78.9 for women, Penang is the second-largest state with the greatest proportion of residents over 60.

Penang will have the oldest population by 2040 at a rate of 26.2%. Additionally, the state has been ranked third in the world and as Asia’s greatest island for retirees. We are serving families in areas such as George Town, Butterworth, and other nearby districts.

What can Teman Malaysia offer you?

We provide you companion services such as accompany parents on monthly medical check-ups, assist aged relatives with weekly grocery shopping, or simply enjoy a hobby together with your loved ones.

Short-Term Services

TEMAN to Health Appointments

Accompany the customer for health check-ups and visit their doctors:

  • Medical appointments.
  • Go to Pharmacy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • any others related activities.

TEMAN to Dialysis Treatments

Accompany the customer to dialysis center to get treatments:

  • Pick-up from home.
  • drop-off and assist to dialysis center.
  • Bring back to home after treatment complete.
  • Temanion waiting upon request.

Curated Customized Activities

Accompany the customers to go anywhere, or to do anything:

  • Accompanying run errands.
  • Mind wellness.
  • Recreational and hobbies.
  • Long or short travel, etc.

Long-Term Services

TEMAN at Home Package

Accompany the customer at home and help them with their daily activities:

  • Dispensing Medications
  • Feeding/Prepare meal
  • Light physiotheraphy
  • Companionship
  • Outdoor exercise/activity
  • Mind Wellness Activities

TEMAN at Home (Plus) Package

Accompany the customer at home and match them with specific Temanion:

  • Anything from TEMAN at home package, plus:
  • Bathing/change diapers
  • Bedridden/wheelchair users
  • BP/blood sugar measure

Why choose us? 

Our caring companions, known as Temanion, are all with caregiving experience and mostly trained by healthcare professionals.

They’re able to accompany parents to medical check-ups, assist senior relatives with weekly errands, or simply enjoy a hobby together with your loved ones!

Our Customer Stories

"Teman Malaysia helped me so much with taking care of my physically disabled brother. The Temanion was not only passionate but also committed, high-spirit, and very responsible. I didn't have to worry about my brother's well-being while I am away because I know he's in good hands! Thankfully I was introduced to Teman Malaysia, I highly recommend!

Hamid Dolmat

Google reviews

"I've used Teman Malaysia's services multiple times for my aunt during MCO and she was left satisfied with every service! Not to mention, the Temanions treated her very well too! They really assured me by keeping me updated on my aunt's good health. Will definitely use their services again!"

Elysa Marhusin

Google reviews

Did anyone say money-back guarantee?!

Yes. We offer an easy,
no-questions-asked money-back

You can’t lose with us! If you’re not happy with our service, just contact us and we will refund your payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Teman Malaysia is a social enterprise that provides quality, safe and personalized care companion services for your loved ones that aims to improve their quality of life.


There are 5 kinds of services offered for your loved ones:

  1. Teman to Health Appointments
  2. Teman to Dialysis Treatment
  3. Teman at Home
  4. Teman at Home Plus
  5. Teman Customized Activities
  6. Teman to Covid-19 Vaccination

We operate every day, including weekends from 7 am until 9 pm.

Our charge varied depending on the type of services. A special rate could be made for a long-term arrangement in accordance with the type of activity, location and duration of the service.

No. Transportation and other additional costs will be incurred by the clients.

Currently, the Teman service is available: 

Klang Valley

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Selangor


Negeri Sembilan

  • Seremban
  • Nilai



  • Malacca City



  • Johor Bahru
  • Kota Tinggi
  • Pengerang



  • Ipoh



  • Georgetown
  • Butterworth


We will expand our services to other areas and states in the future.


Temanion is our care companion who will conduct the service. It is a combination of the words ‘teman’ and ‘companion’.

Our Temanions are passionate about elderly care. They are energetic, friendly, professional and they are also well equipped with basic caregiving skills.

We recruit our Temanions carefully through several stages such as resumé screening and interview. We are working closely with the authorities to ensure our Temanions do not have criminal records nor are bankrupt among others.

All our Temanions are Malay-speaking citizens. If your loved ones prefer someone who speaks other languages such as English, Mandarin or Tamil, we will assign a suitable Temanion.

Yes. They are trained with the necessary skills to provide basic first aid and basic life support should the need arise.

We are confident our Temanion will provide a good service in accordance with the client’s best interest. Please give us after-service feedback for future improvement.


As an entity that serves the community, Teman Malaysia welcomes all interested clients. We will assign a suitable Temanion to accompany your loved ones for the occasion.

We request you to provide details in the booking form such as name, age, health condition and we will match a Temanion who is suitable to conduct the service.

In accordance with our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), our Temanions will update the status of your loved one at every checkpoint to our customer service center. Then, we will inform you from time to time.

No, it is not included in the package. If you wish to use your own transport, we will not charge you anything, even if the Temanion is driving. However, you do need to give a written consent for the Temanion to do so (document provided by Teman Malaysia).

If you wish for the Temanion to drive their car, we will charge you RM0.60/km from your house, to the destination and back to your house again.

If you wish to use any e-hailing services to save the hassle of finding a parking spot, we will charge whatever the e-hailing service is charging, to you.

No, it is not included in the package. Even better, we are NOT even charging you anything for the Temanion to come over to your place. We will only charge you for the companion service at home.

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