Dehydration in Older Adults

No matter your age, dehydration is dangerous, but seniors are more susceptible to it than other age groups are. Before you have a chance to rehydrate, dehydration can harm you and happen faster than you might expect. Learn the symptoms of dehydration and how to avoid getting it. Understanding Dehydration When you don’t drink enough […]

Teman App: How to Book a Service

We get to do everything easily from the palm of our hands or via our smartphones these days – what a time to be alive! Now, looking for companionship services no longer requires extra effort to call around and enquire by yourself. With an application like Teman App, you can now start spending more time […]

The Best Exercises for the Elderly

A healthy lifestyle should always include exercise and a good diet, and as we age, our needs change through time. A growing number of studies show how seniors should exercise frequently and how many seniors opt for an active lifestyle over a sedentary one. Read more on how exercise benefits the elderly in the long […]

What You Should Do When Your Parents Are Aging

Day by day, we tend to grow older and more vulnerable in many aspects, and so as our parents. The unstoppable marching of time slowly guiding us towards the gray is inevitable. As our parents are aging, we need to help them to stay safe and healthy but you might be uncertain about how to […]

What You Should Do & Should Not Do As A Caregiver

When you take on the role of a caregiver for an elderly adult, there are several things to consider.  To effectively care for your patients as a caregiver, it is essential for you to be knowledgeable about the actions you should and should not take at work. The responsibility can appear comprehensive, so it might be […]

Depression and Anxiety in Later Life: Symptoms, Treatments

Depression is a treatable medical condition; such as hypertension or diabetes, and is not considered a regular part of aging, although older adults and the elderlies both have a high risk of going through depression. Depressive symptoms in older people often emerge from grief, loss of social interactions, and health complications. Based on recent research, doctors […]